Heavy hydrocarbons from the process

?What is a heavy hydrocarbon
Heavy hydrocarbons are different types of hydrocarbons that are considered as one of the intermediate fuels of oil refineries. The compounds of heavy hydrocarbons are heterogeneous compounds of alkyl, resin and asphaltene. The distillation range of heavy hydrocarbon varies from about 150 to 385 degrees Celsius

Considering that the global energy demand is increasing day by day, it is predicted that the production and distillation of petroleum derivatives and heavy hydrocarbons will increase. For this reason, in today's world, heavy hydrocarbons are among the most important organic compounds that are used in various industries. Placed

Hydrocarbons are the most abundant organic compounds on the planet. They are considered the driving force of modern civilization because they make up fossil fuels and these fuels are used for combustion, especially in heating and motor fuel applications